Award Winning Author
Linda D. Swink is an author, professional speaker, and an Air Force Veteran.  

Linda's writing career began when she attended a journalism course in the Air Force and discovered a passion for writing. With a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at El Paso, she began writing articles for local and military newspapers. Later, she expanded her writing to include feature articles for consumer and trade magazines.

As a member of the Uniter States Air Force for fifteen years and an Army wife for ten, Linda developed a deep understanding and respect for the men and women who sacrificed much for the freedom we enjoy today. In Their Honor: The Men Behind the Names of Our Military Installations, which was selected as a finalist in the Army Historical Foundation competition, is a result of the respect. .

Her Gold Medal Winner, Life on a $5 Bet: Major General Edward J. Mechenbier, recounts the story of an amazing man who was shot down over North Vietnam and held prisoner in the infamous Hanoi Hilton for nearly six years.

Recognizing the need to hone her pubic speaking skills, Linda joined Toastmasters International and gained confidence at the lectern in a friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere. From that experience, she shares her knowledge in her book, Speak With Power and Grace: A Woman's Guide to Public Speaking, a guide that has helped hundreds of women become more confident at the lectern.

She changed paths in 2009 and began writing fiction. Her first novel, Grave Secrets, is an historical mystery based on an actual event that occurred in Willoughby, Ohio, in the mid 1800s. The The Dare, a mystery for young readers, tells of a boy who dared his little sister to go into the graveyard at night and bring back a flower off a dead man's grave.

Her current work, I Promise Do or Die, a woman's suspense, is due out in July.

Linda is a member of the Military Writers Socitey of America and the Cincinnati Writer's Project.


The Dare

In Their Honor

Grave Secrets

Life on a $5 Bet

Speak With Power and Grace

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