Linda D. Swink is an author, professional speaker, and an Air Force veteran.  

As a member of the United States Air Force for fifteen years and an Army wife for ten, Linda learned to appreciate the sacrifice those in uniform made for this country. With a deep understanding and respect for military veterans, she honored those who fought and died for our county in her book, In Their Honor: The Men Behind the Names of Our Military Installations.

Life on a $5 Bet: Major General Edward J. Mechenbier, recounts the story of an amazing man who suffered nearly six years as a prisoner of war in the infamous Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam.  

Recognizing the need to hone her public speaking skills, Linda joined Toastmasters International and gained confidence at the lectern in a friendly, warm, and supportive atmosphere. From that experience, she shares her knowledge in, Speak With Power and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Public Speaking.

Grave Secrets published by Red Engine Press is her first novel, and The Dare, a book for young readers is now available.

Linda has written articles for consumer and trade magazines and military and community newspapers.

She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at El Paso and lives in Hamilton, Ohio.  

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The Dare In Their Honor Grave Secrets Life on a $5 Bet Speak With Power and Grace

How to Order

For an autographed copy, send the appropriate amount, found below, to Linda Swink, 6330 Morris Road, Hamilton, OH 45011. :
The Dare
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In Their Honor
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Grave Secrets
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Life on a $5 Bet
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Speak With Power and Grace
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