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In Their Honor (ITH) was founded in 2021 by Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar- a Veteran, death doula, compassionate educator, and dedicated story collector. ITH emerged as a beacon of hope, fueled by a profound commitment to ignite change in how our nation supports Veterans and their loved ones through the end of life.  


ITH stands as a catalyst behind a movement honoring the sacrifices and contributions of Veterans and their loved ones while symbolizing our nation's commitment to compassionate care.

United by the principle of honor, ITH invites you to join us on this journey. Together, we can bridge gaps in understanding, honor lives lived, and shape the future of end-of-life care.

Image by Dave Lowe


Cultivate compassionate communities by raising awareness, engaging communities, and providing education to re-imagine care for Veterans and their loved ones through the end of life.









ITH believes that collectively we all have a role in supporting those who served through the end of life. ITH is working to create ripple effects all throughout the Nation, ensuring compassionate communities are standing in the wings to S.E.R.V.E.

In Their Honor Seeks to:




Engage & Empower Compassionate Communities


Provide Education & Training

Hello, I'm Doc Q

After hanging up my military uniform, I began my "second service" to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our nation's Military and Veteran communities. With more than two decades of this "heart" work, I have been recognized as a thought leader and champion for compassionate care for Veterans and their loved ones through the end of life. 


In Their Honor started as a passion project and quickly became a national initiative raising awareness and addressing Veterans' unique challenges as they approached the end of life.                                                                                                                           What a journey! In the midst, I became a death doula and began companioning individuals, communities, and organizations to strive to ensure no Veteran or their loved ones walks this path alone- they have a compassionate community standing united to support them through the end of life. 

Using the Compassionate Communities framework, I serve as a “guide on the side,” collaborating with communities, states, and organizations determined to raise the bar to serve all those who have served through the end of life.


Since founding ITH, I have partnered with:

  • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization- We Honor Veterans

  • International End of Life Doula Association

  • End of Life University

  • International Doulagivers Institute

  • PsychArmor Institute

  • National End of Life Doula Alliance

  • Elizabeth Dole Foundation

  • and more!

Qwynn aka Doc Q sitting on the edge of her desk next to a computer monitor. She is wearing a black turtle neck with quarter length sleeves and jeans. There is a pin on her shirt of a purple forget me not representing women of valor. Her hair is styled in a defined natural afro. She is also wearing glasses, dangling hoop earrings, a silver bracelet, and a wedding ring.
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