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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

June 19-30, 2023 | TBD EST

Crossing Divides: Connecting Veterans, Teachers, and Students Through Oral History - NEH Summer Institute for K-12 Educators

Virginia Tech will host a two-week summer institute to enable K-12 educators to incorporate Veterans Studies into their curricula and train them to do oral history projects as class assignments. Virginia Tech faculty in the Center for Humanities, Department of English, and College of Education will team up to host our first institute on veterans and oral history offered to K-12 educators.

Level 1 End of Life Doula Trainin
Life After Caregivig

Doc Q in the News & Media

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Minority Veterans of America

Minority Vets Stories of Us- Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar

We transform the narrative of the American veteran by adding more Stories of Us. Through telling our stories, we heal, we connect, and we create change in all those who bear witness.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Life After Caregiving

The transition from caregiver to survivor is a journey marked by many complex feelings, including grief, which may begin before the death of a loved one. Caregivers may experience grief when their veteran was first injured, diagnosed, or as their condition worsened. As we show support to families who lost a military loved one after having been a caregiver, it’s important to keep in mind that each caregiver’s journey through loss is unique, and they may experience or show their grief in different ways.


Level 1 End of Life Doula Training Veterans Edition

There's so much suffering attached to our veterans. And there’s so much neglect that this is never a place of judgment or finger pointing or any of that. What this platform is, is a way that we can look at everything really clearly with our hearts and say, where are we now? How did we get lost? And what do we need to make positive change moving forward? So welcome to ask a death doula today’s episode is the announcement of the doula giver’s end of life, doula level one veteran’s edition.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation

National Convening 2022 | Bold Steps for the Future: Action, Policy, and Priorities

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the US Department of Veterans Affairs hosted our seventh annual National Convening, Bold Steps for the Future: Action, Policy, and Priorities. Presented by Philips, during this virtual event caregivers, change-makers, and leaders in the military and veteran community joined together to improve the military caregiver experience in America and cultivate a hopeful future for hidden heroes.

Behind the Mission with PsychArmor

Supporting Veterans Through Connectedness

On this episode of Behind the Mission, we have a conversation with Army Veteran and Military Spouse Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar. She and Duane discuss her work around suicide prevention, capturing oral histories of Veterans, and supporting veterans and their families through end-of-life care.


Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar - Preserving the Stories of Women Veterans

"…Her passion is about conducting oral history interviews of veterans and listening to how veterans make meaning of their experiences while sharing this with a larger audience. Her belief is that as a society, the way we make sense of the veteran experience shapes the care and support future generations veterans receive."

Community Possibilities

Serving those who Served Us: Suicide Prevention with Qwynn Galloway-Salazar

Get ready to be inspired! This episode is full of heart. Qwynn talks about knowing your why and coming to understand her mission and purpose. And have your notebook handy for some great quotes. Like "The place God calls you is where your deepest gladness is and the world's deepest hunger meet" and "Its hard work but it's heart work."

End of Life University

Ep. 324 End-of-Life Care for Veterans with Qwynn Galloway-Salazar

This episode includes: • How Qwynn was inspired to become an end-of-life doula specializing in veteran care • The unique needs of veterans who are facing the end of life • Questions to ask patients who are veterans • The importance of screening for mental health issues in veterans receiving care • How the end-of-life needs of women veterans differ from those of men… • AND MORE!

The Denver Hospice

Tips for Supporting a Veteran at the End of Life

On a recent interview for End-of-Life University Podcast, Qwynn Galloway-Salazar, an end-of-life doula who specializes in veteran care, spoke about the unique needs of those who have served in the military as they enter hospice care. A veteran herself with a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Masters Degree in Professional Counseling, Galloway-Salazar points out that the end-of-life care offered to veterans often falls short of their needs, primarily because those who have not served in the military are unaware of the challenges that are common during that experience.

International End of Life Doula Association

Serving Those Who Served: Reflections On The Meaning Of Memorial Day

"I am sure many of you are familiar with the quote, “not all who wander are lost.” This quote took on a new meaning for me when a mentor and shero woman combat veteran diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer used it to describe my journey to becoming a veteran hospice volunteer and end-of-life doula. My journey was not a surprise to her, as she reminded me that the last 20 years of my existence were preparing me physically, mentally, and spiritually for the work that I was called to do."

Minority Vets SOU-QGS
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